Polls are continuing to suggest that Gen Z workers have completely different expectations.  A recent study finds that 14 percent of post millennials do not like the 9am-5pm working pattern,  and 27 per cent dont like being told what to do.  Below are things to bare in mind as a manager, when conducting Performance Reviews for your Gen Z employees:

Top 6 things a Gen Z workers like about a job

Salary 67%

Flexible Working 40%

Job Security 39%

Training/Development 29%

Holiday Allowance/days off for birthdays/duvet days 18%

Varied work 17%

Top 6 things a Gen Z workers hate about their boss

Lies/Gossip 36%

Unclear Instructions 34%

Little Praise/Appreciation 32%

Credit for others work 32%

Expects work to be put before personal life 32%

No training and development time spent with them 26%

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