1. Bespoke to your business

These systems (in particular the one we use at Solve) can be tailored to your company, so it’s your logo, your branding, and your policies that are upheld by these systems.

2. HR Management that will save you time and costs

Because you’re not always needing to handle everything, or get someone in to do it for you, time is saved as well as money. Less double handling and more information going direct to where it needs to be.

3. Improve staff and HR Management performance

With such easy access to things that often cause hang-ups and slow downs, processes can move faster and with greater simplicity.

4. Evolves with your and your team as your business grows

As your policies change, or staff join/leave you, the system can be constantly updated to work with these changes easily. Once the basic framework is in place it can be adapted with relative ease and keep things running on the HR side.

5. Happier, more productive employees

With easier access to the information they need, employees can work around what they know without having to hunt for information that should be easily available to them. Remaining holidays, sickness records etc. are all made easily accessible to the correct people, meaning they can get more work done, with greater ease.

6. Consistent management and policy delivery

In honesty, one of the biggest flaws in business is us…people, we make mistakes. By leaving software to control the day-to-day processes that don’t require our involvement, we can regain some consistency in our policy and practice. Computers shouldn’t make spelling mistakes!

7. Simple delivery of Best Practice HR

Always knowing that best practice is in each situation can be difficult. The system we offer at Solve in particular, covers best practice by doing it for you, so you know when you run something through that system it is done properly.