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Extension of the IR35 Tax Regulations to the Private Sector

IR35 tax legislation has been in force since 1999. The primary purpose of the IR35 legislation is to identify individuals whom are working on a self-employed or contractor arrangement who are in fact classified as a “disguised employee” working for the fee-payer/employer. Therefore the IR35 regulations identify instances of this nature whereby there has been […]

What is suspension at work?

You may decide it is necessary to suspend an employee from work whilst a serious disciplinary matter is investigated. Suspension should not be used as a disciplinary sanction, if an employee is suspended, it is not an indication of guilt. Most disciplinary procedures will not require suspension. An employee will usually be able to continue […]


Holiday Pay – Voluntary Overtime Payments Must be Included

In June the Court of Appeal ruled that voluntary overtime payments must also be included in holiday pay calculations. It agreed with the Employment Appeals Tribunal’s ruling in the Flowers and others v East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust case where ambulance workers claimed that two types of overtime should be included in holiday […]

Payslip Changes in 2019

New amendments to the 1996 Employment Rights Act will come into force from 6 April 2019, increasing employer’s responsibilities regarding the payslips they produce. It is important to understand these changes, firstly because employers will be required to provide greater detail within their payslips. In addition to this, the legislation also requires employers to send […]


Five signs that indicate inappropriate conduct at work

Every business has different standards of what is deemed appropriate or inappropriate behaviour. While some forms of behaviour will always be inappropriate, it is important that everyone in the business understands where the line is drawn. 1. Bullying: undermining and humiliating another person. For example, off-colour jokes may appear to be simply bad taste, but […]


Severe Weather

It’s that time of year where the UK is prone to experiencing periods of heavy snowfall.  Our article aims to answer some of the more common questions on the impact of severe weather conditions. Do I have to pay employees who cannot get to work because of severe weather? In short, no, you are well […]